Updated – 18 February 2021 Snow Event

19 February may be the end of skiing in North Boulder Park. As of the early morning, it was ski-able but with grass showing through in multiple spots. More grooming is doubtful. Sorry folks.

CU South not groomed. Groomers probed with the machine only, no implement and determined the conditions to be insufficient for machine grooming. Note, CU South’s “substrata” or soils require a lot of coverage to be groom-able.

Helpful links for grooming are https://bouldernordic.org/webcam/ and https://www.facebook.com/BoulderNordicClub/ and https://twitter.com/BNClub and https://www.instagram.com/bouldernordicclub/ .

The BNC’s grooming machines are also equipped with a live GPS reporting system. This system works well but it’s not been working for the BNC lately and here’s why. There’s a wiring glitch somewhere that we haven’t been able to diagnose. The BNC can’t ask volunteers to spend even more time on a tedious and hard to find problem. There’s more to the story but it goes on too long. Anyways, thanks for using all the other BNC grooming reports.