2019-20 Board Summary

In its last meeting of the 2019-20 season, the board of the BNC completed business for the season. The board typically begins meeting again in August or September at which point business begins again.

Generally, the BNC spent the last couple years narrowing its agenda for the sake of efficiency in a volunteer organization. Consequently, the board now meets roughly every six weeks between August/September and April versus the previous monthly meetings.

  • The board reviewed its recent survey. In-town grooming is far and away the most valued service according to the survey. But the board tries to keep an eye on other services as well.
  • The BNC’s finances remain sound. This is good considering a general decline in ski-able days in town which historically determines membership numbers and revenue for the BNC.
  • The BNC made its approximately annual grant to the BNJRT. This grant is typically made based on two factors. The first is financial need which is deliberated based on multiple factors and, in the case of individuals, confidentially. The second is excellence which typically involves a junior qualifying for an international event which carries a higher cost. The latter does not occur often.
  • This year, for the first time, the BNC’s grant to the BNJRT was directed entirely to the BNJRT’s coaching staff. With no salient need among the juniors, the BNC acted to partially compensate for lost hourly wages among the part-time coaches due to the Corona virus pandemic. The full time coaches also received some grant monies.
  • The annual grant to the BNJRT is made under the BNC’s mission of “…support for cross-country skiing in the Boulder region.” Supporting the institutional health of paid coaches who guide young people in positive development through skiing in our community is the principle.
  • Thanks to long time board members, the BNC habitually remains in compliance with its nonprofit and tax status.
  • Students have been added to the free membership category.
  • Grooming operations will be covered in a separate post.
  • Social Community Skis at Eldora continue to have support from the board.
  • The board’s appointed Eldora liaisons will eventually meet with Eldora.

A very small community nonprofit, the collective wisdom of the board is to keep its scope of operations narrow and focus on basic service to members.

Thank you for supporting the BNC.