2022-23 Grooming Update

It’s November 15, 2022 and there was about 1.5″ of snow overnight, not enough to groom.  There’s more snow in the forecast for this week along with cold temperatures.

The BNC is, in theory, ready to groom.  The grooming implement for North Boulder Park is being serviced but two older implements could be used until the normal one is repaired.  Using the older implements takes more time and work.  And the snow product is not as good.  It’s better than nothing.

Both CU South and North Boulder Park have some routine checks on the rigs that have not been done yet.  The volunteer groomer charged with this is waiting to see what happens with the repairs on the North Boulder Park implement in order to consolidate volunteer time and planning.

The City is rewriting the written agreement between the City and the BNC.  It needed updating.  This should not be a problem.

If there’s no news or no social media from the BNC then that means there’s no grooming or no significant change in grooming and conditions.

One can access the North Boulder Park webcam at https://bouldernordic.org/webcam/.  Conditions at the park can change so rapidly that the webcam is a good way to see for oneself what is going on.

When skiers make even a very brief comment on conditions via social media, it’s helpful to the wider community.

Remember to join the BNC at https://bouldernordic.org/membership-account/.  For nearly 40 years, the modest membership fees paid have made in-town skiing possible.  Thanks for supporting the BNC.