29 December 2022 Grooming Report

North Boulder Park, groomed.  Skate, good coverage; initial snow product was soft as of 1100 on the 29th.  Double machine-set classic track, fair coverage, soft.  Initial conditions were mashed potatoes.

The good news is the BNC’s primary North Boulder Park groomer is fixed.  The bad news is it’s not clear when it can be transported to the park.  The primary implement leaves a better snow product so it will be good to have it back in use.  And, the BNC may be a little short handed for a few days as well.

CU South Note.  This property requires cold, snowy conditions in order to be groomed.  For years now, the ground has not been getting as cold.  Even when it does snow, it melts from the ground up.  CUS also has significant solar exposure and soils that do not hold snow as well.  The BNC is aware that all this begs questions about operations at CUS.

Thank you for supporting the BNC.  With the community’s support and in partnership with multiple entities including the City, CU, an anonymous family, and an in-kind donation from The Wilderness Exchange, contractors and vendors like G Force Power Sports, Tidd Tech, Earl’s Saw Shop, and Marv’s Towing; the BNC has been able to maintain two light grooming rigs and volunteer crews in order to provide nordic skiing “free and open to the public” (CU politely asks that you be a BNC member if you ski there).

P.S., If you’ve seen the BNC’s yard signs that were at North Boulder Park, feel free to put them back and a volunteer will remember to collect them this time :-).