5 January, 2017 Snow Event

Both North Boulder Park and CU South have been initially groomed following the current snow event.  With this much snow, full compression and “finished product” take about 18-24 hours to achieve.  Each location has machine set classic tracks.

During a storm cycle, the BNC tries to groom twice a day.  The initial groom can be a lot of work and an imperfect beginning of a process.

Once snow has stopped falling, the BNC typically tries to groom once in the late evenings.

Thank you for supporting the BNC.  When it snows, memberships tend to be purchased more frequently.  Go to https://bouldernordic.org/membership-account/membership-levels/ in order to join.  Your membership pays for thousands of dollars worth of equipment, maintenance, services, and rentals in order to sustain grooming operations.

Remember to follow the BNC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for incremental updates.  Also visit bouldernordic.org for links to the real-time GPS grooming page and the North Boulder Park webcam.