Best Case Scenario

About a year ago, when the BNC decided to attempt to raise funds to station a grooming rig at CU South, obviously the goal was to successfully raise the funds and purchase the rig. Less obvious were all the potential negative scenarios like getting into some sort of half-way limbo of fundraising and not reaching our goal. Just the thought of administering a return of all the donations to all the individual donors provoked anxiety. Even if fundraising were to have taken two years or more, the best case scenario was to raise the funds needed and convert them into a cash purchase of the equipment and fulfill the pact with donors.

Thankfully, that is happening. Yesterday the BNC handed over a big check to RPM Motorsports (a great vendor who works expertly to deliver, in this case, a specialized piece of equipment). In exchange, the BNC took possession of a 2015 Ski-doo Skandic SWT for use at CU South. Sometime soon, the BNC will also complete its purchase of a new grooming implement from Tidd Tech in Tabernash in order to complete the rig.

Fortune is good in the Boulder area, there are worse places to live. But, without indulging, BNC members and supporters have reason to contemplate some justified pride. The truth is that the cost of a light grooming rig divided by several hundred members who renew annually is quite reasonable. The corresponding shared return on investment is quite significant–even with some low-snow years thrown in the mix. If the “do nothing-ness” of cynicism can be resisted and if investments can be made in institutions in the community that submit themselves to transparency and service, then one result is that we all get to go out and ski.