BNC Communications Update

The BNC is updating and integrating its website, social media, and e-newsletter.  Thanks for your patience during this process which involves redundant posts or test posts across @BNClub, the Facebook page, e-newsletters, and other media.

From now on, expect posts on to automatically be collected and emailed in a once monthly e-newsletter.  The mailing list is the same as the one that already exists.  It is the same mailing list that is self-administered by each email subscriber using links contained in every newsletter.  That same e-newsletter will also be posted on @BNClub and  If something important comes up, the BNC may send out an occasional extra e-newsletter in addition to the monthly e-newsletters.

As always, there is a trickle of ancillary or redundant information on the BNC Facebook page.  The BNC usually but not always reserves Twitter for more urgent topics such as the start of grooming upon a snow event.

Thanks to BNC volunteer Nicole Haas for putting a ton of work into this project.  Thank you also to BNC members and supporters who make it possible for the BNC to hire paid professionals like (if you need help with your website, the BNC wholeheartedly recommends Moon Goose Designs).  Being able to pay for professionals allows the BNC to serve its members and, simultaneously, keeps BNC volunteers from being overworked.