BNC Community Skis

In its third year, the Boulder Nordic Club (BNC) Community Skis, are ready for continued growth and success!

Born from the hopes of two BNC board members and one BNJRT head coach, the Community Skis were created to bring the nordic community together once a month (during the winter) to ski and socialize.

Why haven’t you known of these skis before? The three founders started these Community Skis on a small scale. They were word of mouth outings posted on a separate Facebook page that was loosely connected to the BNC. After two years of growth and success the Board of the BNC officially voted to bring the skis into the organization!

The Nitty Gritty: We meet at the Eldora Nordic Center for an informal group ski of all ages, techniques, abilities and speeds then we go to Salto in Nederland for social time. It is that simple and it is awesome!

For dates, times and event details please see BNC’s listing of events on our Facebook page. Or, email if you have questions or would like to assist with the skis.

Our next BNC Community Ski is January 14, 2018 at 8:00am.