BNC Donations to The BNJRT

The BNJRT’s Ellie Smith, Carson Williams, and Head Coach Adam St. Pierre sent the below thank yous to the BNC. In December, the BNJRT requested funding assistance to pay for the coach’s airfare to U.S. Senior Nationals in order to support the two older BNJRT junior athletes, Ellie and Carson.

The BNC granted that funding to its sister nonprofit, the BNJRT, which allows the older, stronger juniors to compete at the highest level in the U.S. It allows BNJRT staff to stay in touch with that level of competition and expertise.

The BNC also recently made its annual contribution to the BNJRT for Junior Nationals. Operating on a zero-sum annual budget, it’s this time of year when funds dip low for the BNJRT and a mildly uncertain number of BNJRT juniors are awarded spots to compete at nationals. The BNC’s donation is made on the basis of need or excellence and deliberated by the BNC’s board.

Most years the donation is an average amount of $2000 to defray the overall cost of the trip to the juniors. In cases of need it may be higher. In cases of, for instance, international excellence, it may also be higher.

The Anne Gini Elite Skier Fund which was awarded for its first time to Kelsey Phinney is held separate as a lone and special fund. It is also governed by the board.

The Boulder Nordic Club is able to both reach the wider community and avoid the cyclical nature of a parent-run sports organization, thus, enabling its aid to the BNJRT. However, the BNC’s board consistently debates the weight of donations versus funding BNC programs like, principally, grooming or other programs that may be of direct value to the BNC’s mission and membership.

One reason that BNC donations to the BNJRT persist for decades is to support the sport at an institutional level among young people with paid, professional coaching. The board tends to agree that supporting the development of any or all young skiers through a legal, formal, and professional community institution is of value.

One may donate to the BNJRT at which earmarks funding for the BNJRT as part of the partnership between the BNC and BNJRT.

Thank you for supporting the BNC and nordic skiing in your community.

Hand written thank yous! Somebody figured out that the BNC’s board is mostly old people.