BNC Officer Elections – New BNC Board President Announced

With our annual meeting and board membership solidified for 2018, we have completed the election of officers. After about 20 years of involvement with the Boulder Nordic Club and most recently as President, Matt Muir has handed the reigns to Joel Kimmel, who previously served as Vice President.

We want to take a moment to pay homage to Matt. He has set a high bar of excellence during his tenure as Board President. Known for his quiet get-it-done approach, Matt is an invaluable resource to the Nordic ski community here in Boulder.  He loves the sport, has a vast network of connections in the ski industry and the outdoor community, and recognizes the importance of fostering healthy, productive relationships with other organizations and stakeholders. From the Forest Service to Eldora Resort to the owners of the land on which we ski when up at Eldora, the BNC Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the relationships that Matt has so carefully developed.

Matt’s grooming experience and knowledge of what factors affect the groomed product is shared by few humans in this country. Grooming is an artform that is passed down from one person to the next, with the old apprenticeship style. He will continue to foster the wonderful group of volunteer groomers here in Boulder, as we continue to groom North Boulder Park and CU South when conditions are right.

We thank Matt for his service and dedication to the Boulder Nordic Club.

Kyle Kuczun will serve as the Vice President, Ingrid Alongi will serve as Secretary and Andrew Lainis will serve as Treasurer.