Closed for The Season

The BNC takes summers off, mostly.

The board met for its final time this season in April. Eldora representatives presented during the meeting. The result is board consensus that BNC membership be surveyed in order to understand how to represent BNC interests at Eldora. That survey would appear by autumn 2019.

How to continue the Anne Gini Elite Skier Fund remains an open question on the board. That’s O.K. though since there is no urgency surrounding the topic. The board has time to deliberate the subject as part of the BNC’s larger obligations.

The BNC applauds Kelsey Phinney, the inaugural recipient of the fund, on her 2018-19 season. As Kelsey herself said, the funding allowed her to race more and at a higher level than she otherwise would have. Thanks to the BNC community for supporting Boulder’s first female to reach the World Cup.

The webcam at North Boulder Park is aging so the board approved funds to simply replace it next time it goes on the fritz.

Despite several weak winters the BNC remains in relatively good financial condition. Thanks to members and supporters for years of support.

Even though the attempt to pilot groom West Magnolia was not what was hoped for, there’s word from the Nederland Area Trails Organization that they are exploring application for the special use permit themselves along with acquiring some form of grooming equipment. Good luck and thanks to NATO for a steady partnership around exploring grooming at West Mag.

Nobody’s home at the BNC during the summer so if you need to get in touch try and be patient.

Have a great summer!