End of Grooming at CU South for Season

The BNC is ceasing grooming operations for the season at CU South.  By agreement, the BNC grooms CU South when conditions permit from early to mid-November to early to mid-March.

Thank you to The University of Colorado, the CU Nordic Ski Team, and CU Facilities and the CU Athletic Department for their continued partnership in grooming CU South.

Thanks also to BNC members and supporters for making grooming financially possible.  Grooming amounts to a significant cost for the BNC.  The grooming equipment will be transported to a dealer and repair shop for off-season repairs, maintenance, and then to storage thanks to members and supporters of the BNC.

There were not many days of skiing this past winter but there were some good ones.  Grooming operations continue at North Boulder Park–when conditions allow–until about April 1st.  Thanks for supporting the BNC!