End of Season Grooming Operations

The Boulder Nordic Club begins to wind down its grooming operations this time of year.  Here’s what to expect.

Grooming is done for the season at CU South.  The land manager at CU South asks the BNC to cease grooming sometime in mid-March.  Unfortunately, grooming at CU South never really got started this winter due to poor conditions.  Thanks again to The Wilderness Exchange (https://www.wildernessx.com/) for their in-kind donation which makes grooming at CU South possible.  Thanks also to CU-Boulder for their partnership on grooming at CU South.

Grooming at North Boulder Park ceases sometime around April 1 each year.  During the last week of March, spring break, the BNC has a skeleton crew of volunteer groomers available, just enough to tend to North Boulder Park if conditions allow grooming.  Thanks to The City of Boulder and the Department of Parks and Recreation for decades of skiing at North Boulder Park.

The permit to groom West Magnolia closes April 1.  With a minimal volunteer crew available, the BNC will not be able to undertake grooming at West Magnolia the last week of March before the close of the permit.  Lamentably, there was never a chance to groom West Magnolia this winter due to weak winter conditions.  And, of course, there is a chance of snow in forecast next week.

The BNC is conferring with the Nederland Area Trails Organization, the Boulder Ranger District, and–subsequently–Boulder County in order to understand intentions towards grooming at West Magnolia next winter.

Importantly, thank you to the Boulder Ranger District, Boulder County, and NATO all of whom brought significant collaborative spirit and action to the project at West Magnolia.  That we ended up getting what was or may still be the weakest winter statewide in 60 years is out of our control.

Thanks to you, membership and support of the BNC makes grooming possible.