Experienced Electrical Help Needed

After Boulder Electric Motor closed this past autumn, the BNC has been unable to find a vendor to service its grooming implements.  If you or someone you know may be interested in doing electrical repairs to the BNC groomers, please contact info@bouldernordic.org.

Currently, the BNC’s implement like this http://tiddtech.com/product/snow-groomers/g2-4-snow-groomer/ seems to have a bad electrical relay.  Two actuators on the implement are powered by a battery and controlled by a wired pendant control.  One of the actuators is only pushing out, not pulling in.

The BNC pays full rate.  The implement can be repaired in the field or taken by trailer to a shop.

Thank you in advance for any consideration.  Vendors who service BNC equipment prevent BNC volunteers from getting  overworked.