Feb. 29 News

Boulder Nordic Club News

29 February 2016

Thanks to And A Special Discount from ZEAL Optics

The BNC is excited to announce ZEAL Optics’ support of Boulder Nordic with an exclusive discount to current members for purchases made at the Boulder ZEAL Optics store.

“ZEAL Optics is a unique line of eyewear born out of the need to create and explore. To define ourselves among the masses of sameness. Defending the desire to be different and embracing the need to constantly evolve.”

ZEAL Optics, a renewing business partner with Boulder Nordic, has extended a special 50% discount (excluding Tech googles) to current BNC members. To receive the discount, bring your current BNC membership card to the ZEAL Optics at 1230 Spruce St.

This generous discount is for current members only and is a great incentive for you to renew your BNC membership now.

Please stop by the Spruce store, get a discount and say thanks to ZEAL for supporting Boulder Nordic!

Cured Joins The BNC as A Business Member And Throws in A Member Discount

Cured has joined the BNC as a business member.  Cured has also extended a 10% discount to BNC members who present their current membership card upon purchase.  Thanks to Cured for supporting the BNC!

Wednesday Afternoon Nordic Goes into March

Edward Morey, Mark Flolid, Kyle Kuczun, and others are organizing Wednesday Afternoon Nordic, WAN. In brief, we will meet at the Eldora Nordic Center at 3:00-3:30 to ski skate and classic until sunset, then reconvene at Salto or Crosscut in Ned for refreshments.

To participate you must have a Nordic Season Pass for Eldora AND must sign a release for after-hours skiing (you will get a bear-paw sticker for your pass). Thanks to Eldora we have this opportunity.

To put your name and email address on the email distribution list for WAN, send an email to:

(leave the subject line blank)
(In the body of the email put)
SUBSCRIBE WAN_DistributionList “your name”
(E.g. SUSCRIBE WAN_DistributionList Mark Flolid)

You should quickly receive an email from CU confirming your addition to the list.

A website is in the works.

We are attempting to model WAN after WMV (Wednesday Morning Velo) If you would like help organize WAN, please let Edward know.

If your business might be interested in sponsoring one of the Salto Wednesdays, please contact Edward at Edward.Morey@colorado.edu. If you have suggestions, questions, or would like to post a message to everyone on the list, email Edward.

Sponsors make significant monetary or in-kind donations to the BNC.  Business members join on an annual basis.  To be a sponsor or business member and reach 2,200 BNC followers, contact  info@bouldernordic.org.

BNC Membership Changes

The BNC is planning to change its standard memberships to an October to October annual period.  This will simplify the vast majority of membership related issues for members and for the BNC.  Beginning soon, new and renewing memberships will be marked for expiration in October 2017 in order to err in favor of folks who join between now and October 2016.

Pricing will largely remain the same, $15-$35 a year depending on type of membership.  There may be one additional category of membership which will be relatively inconsequential.  Always late to adapt to technology, the BNC will phase out the big membership push at the Annual Swap in November since online membership administration has made in-person and paper sign-up obsolete.

The benefits of a BNC membership quickly pay for the cost of joining.  And, for somewhere between twenty-five and thirty years, the BNC has been an affordable way to contribute to the shared amenity of in-town skiing in our community.

BNC Grooming Reports

The BNC contracted with SkiTrails.info in order to provide real time GPS based grooming reports at CU South and North Boulder Park.  One can view the system here, http://skitrails.info/.  The pages for CU South and North Boulder Park are in place at http://skitrails.info/report/cusouth and http://skitrails.info/report/northboulder.

News regarding grooming is tweeted via @BNClub.  The @BNClub Twitter feed forwards to https://www.facebook.com/BoulderNordicClub which then forwards tohttps://bouldernordic.org/conditions/ for those who are not on Twitter or Facebook.  The webcam at North Boulder Park really truly is being replaced.  It’s on the last step now.

Tweets typically contain information regarding a change, beginning, or end in grooming status.  Updates at Facebook are typically incremental in nature, for example, “CU South re-groomed.”

Groomers put in a classic track when conditions permit.  If we get a whooper, groomers try to groom a little wider and maybe put in a double classic track where possible.  It takes quite a bit of coverage to put in a machine-set classic track and, consequently, often times groomers leave the track for skiers to ski-in.  Updates regarding grooming typically state if a classic track has been set or not.

Kiddie Lease Fleet

It looks like the BNC will eventually get a bunch of simple, waxless classic technique skis for skiers ages 5-8 years-old.  Given the timing involved, this won’t happen until 2016-17.

Grooming at New Locations?  West Mag.?  One Other Place?

The BNC is collaborating with the Nederland Area Trails Organization in order to find a sustainable, operational solution to the potential permit to groom in the West Magnolia area that may be available starting 2016-17.  This is a shared process on public lands which requires collaboration and lots of patience.

Also, the BNC is working with other partners in order to perform a pilot demonstration groom on a property that may be opened to skiing before the current season comes to a close.  These are complex and sensitive projects sometimes so, for now, details must remain private.

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, special costs for transport and remote grooming, and much more go into realizing groomed trails.  Thanks for supporting the BNC!

Thanks to the below business partners for offering discounts to BNC members who present a current membership card.  Become a business partner by emailing info@bouldernordic.org.
Alexander Technique with Julie Rothschild, ATI
BMC Body Works
Boulder Deep Tissue
Boulder Eyes/Beyer LASIK
Boulder Nordic Sport
Crested Butte Nordic Center
Crystal Ski Shop
Devil’s Thumb Ranch
Dragonfly Gardens
Fitness Bootcamps
Frisco and Breckenridge Nordic Centers
Get Rolfing (Adam Mentzell, CAR)
Haas Physical Therapy & Wellness
Inn at Lost Creek and The Madeline (Telluride)
LifeSport Chriropractic Rehabilitation
Five Element Acupuncture
Liz La Femina, Structural Integration / Rolfing
Modus Law
Moosejaw (Boulder Store)
Neuromuscular Strategies Physical Therapy
One Boulder Acupuncture
Podium Custom Footwear
Quinlan Computing Services
Runners High Store
Savory Spice Shop
SkiTrax Magazine
Snow Mountain Ranch
Thai Yoga Massage with Karuna Health
The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine
The Boulder Running Company
Whole Body Balance
Zeal Optics

Way Down Here at the Bottom, A Reason to Give Money to The BNC

We could use a trailer.  A big trailer.  Currently, our storage and transport system for CU South is not ideal and it’s resulting in too much work for volunteer groomers.  A trailer would also save us money in the long run and make operations more efficient.  What’s it gonna take? Anywhere from $10,000-$15,000.

Contact info@bouldernordic.org if you’d like to chat.

Support The BNJRT Without Spending Any (Extra) Money

King Soopers gives 5% back to BNJRT.  You can help BNJRT to collect more of this money simply by using a Re-Loadable Gift Card.  If you are willing to load the card at the store and use it, BNJRT would love to give you one of their cards!!
Please email Michelle Considine at michconsidine@yahoo.com with your address and she will send you a card.  For more details, read below:

These cards come loaded with $2.50.  You take them into any King Soopers or City Market and use your credit card to load them (getting your miles or cash back!)  If you put, say, $400 dollars onto your card, you will be able to spend $400 dollars. The cards can be re-loaded over and over again.  King Soopers will send the 5% to BNJRT directly. We ask that you commit to loading at least $100 onto your card so that BNJRT recovers their cost. Thank you in advance; this money can really add up for BNJRT.  (The more you ski, the more you eat!)  You can send any questions to Michelle at the above address.  Thanks again, from BNJRT.

Thank you for supporting the Boulder Nordic Club

Membership Support: Risa Booze membership[at]bouldernordic.org
Presidente: Matt Muir president[at]bouldernordic.org / 303-881-9890
Vice President: Kyle Kuczun vicepresident[at]bouldernordic.org