Grooming Operations Notes

No news on BNC media means no grooming. Alternatively, one can see news about grooming using the following sources.

  • and “The Groomer Report” covers initial or final notes on a snow event. There’s typically a delay between the time grooming takes place and when a volunteer can update the site.
  • echoes The Groomer Report and, additionally, has more frequent updates. Due to popularity, this site often contains at least a daily note about grooming during periods of active grooming operations.
  • echoes the initial Groomer Report post and sometimes has real time updates from groomers who can tweet from the field. Outside of an initial note, this is not used much.
  • has live, real-time GPS indications from the equipment at CU South.
  • has the same for North Boulder Park.
  • Both GPS units listed above have a wiring glitch in them that has resisted diagnosis so far. If you feel like looking at the wiring and troubleshooting this, contact m2muir[at]
  • is a webcam pointed at North Boulder Park. This works great except for that every few months it “freezes” on one image and needs to be manually reset by a volunteer.

The multiplicity of ways to learn about grooming is meant to be redundant, reach audiences as they prefer, spare volunteers more work outside of grooming, and–when the GPS wiring doesn’t have a gremlin in it–tell skiers in real time what to expect.

The BNC is a volunteer organization. For $25-$35 a year for an average membership, grooming in-town is about as good as it can get. Thanks for supporting the BNC!