Grooming Route Change at North Boulder Park

The City of Boulder is adding a small “tot track” adjacent to the playground at North Boulder Park.  As a result, BNC groomers have happily communicated to the City an elaborate, complex, and multi-faceted plan that took about a minute to agree upon:  Groomers will drive and groom around the tot track and, similarly, will do the same with new trees planted over the summer.

Groomer Steve Cann stated, “I’m a lawyer, I go around things all the time.”  Groomer Greg Naber added, “my youngest left home recently, I’m prepared for adversity.”  Groomer Matt Muir chimed in, “I’m just glad Robson is not grooming anymore, this would have really blown his mind.”

In all seriousness, there are years in which grooming may take place as few as five or so days.  The BNC is obligated to partner with the City on best uses of the park.  Likewise with trees, the City has invested in keeping the park beautiful.  Sometimes this has included special trees that are gifts from sister cities.  Maybe the grooming route changes a little.  Maybe there’s a sharper curve.  In the end, the BNC is committed to partnering with The City to provide free skiing to the public while conforming to the greater good.