“Honey, I Wish We Had A Snowmobile Trailer on Our Property”

The BNC needs a place to store its snowmobile trailer. After years of a friendly handshake deal with a local property manager, that spot has come to a natural end and now a new place is needed.

It’s a great way to add a little “junk yard” feel to your place, makes it feel like your favorite unincorporated mountain town.

The BNC’s trailer looks kinda like this https://www.tritontrailers.com/snowmobile/hybrid/ . It takes up a full parking spot and makes the spots next to it feel tight so it’s nice to stick it in a corner or similar.

It sits unused the vast majority of the time. In October and in March/April it gets used a bit. Sometimes it gets used other times. Typically, the BNC can exchange publicity to thank the property owner though often it is a simple handshake agreement. The BNC can happily provide an email or written letter stating that we are guests on your property and will vacate at any time with reasonable notice.

If you’ve got a secure, out of the way spot that you’re willing to share, please contact Matt at m2muir[at]gmail.com and thanks for supporting in-town groomed skiing!