Kid Skis for Lend

In partnership with Boulder Nordic Sport (, the BNC has twenty pairs of kid skis for lending.  The skis are intended for use by five to eight year-olds.  They have integrated bindings that accept typical kids’ snow boots, no ski boots are required.

There are at least ten pairs of poles as well.  To the displeasure of most five to eight year-olds, it’s better to start learning without poles so it may be wise to leave the availability of poles outside of the awareness of the wee skiers whose minds might otherwise be stubbornly set upon being like big kid skiers.

Boulder Nordic Sport has no customer service obligations around the skis.  The retail location provides the public with a location to pick-up and return the skis during regular business hours.  Please direct inquiries regarding the skis to  Thanks to Boulder Nordic Sport for its continued partnership with the BNC and the skiing community.

The BNC asks only that those borrowing the skis consider those who will use them next, return the skis when done, and–most of all–have fun!