Little Tiny Board Update

After two postponements due to absence and what the French call “force majeure,” the board of the BNC elected its officers. They remain Joel Kimmel as president, Kyle Kuczun as vice president, Ingrid Alongi as secretary, and Andrew Lainis as Treasurer. It’s great to have Andrew since he’s done this role before.

Though it’s been discussed for years at board meetings, for the first time ever ‘grooming in a warmer or drier Boulder’ appeared as its own, specific agenda item. It allowed for dedicated deliberation of how to manage the BNC’s main service, grooming.

The board also covered other items. The BNC’s contributions to the BNJRT and the Anne Gini Elite Skier Fund were covered. Grooming operations and the pilot at West Mag(nolia) were covered. And, good news, it looks like the BNC got a new Membership Coordinator volunteer thanks to Emanuel Alongi!

One more board meeting in April and then the BNC takes its summer recess in order to give everyone a break and keep it simple at the BNC. Thirty three years and counting and one of the main lessons learned is to take summers off.