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Important Information:

Boulder Nordic Club has changed the membership process as of October 29, 2016. This is a new system, so you will need to sign up by clicking the Join/Renew Membership button below in order to receive your username and login.

Note: If you received a message on the Checkout page that says "That email address is already taken. Please try another." you may have an older account in the system and can reset your account password here: https://bouldernordic.org/lostpassword/ using your email address for the username. You can then login on this page and click the Membership link on the home page to Renew.

Join/Renew Membership

After you have joined/renewed, you will receive an email with login information which will take you back to this page, where you can log in to your account and print your membership card. In the future, you can use this page to login and access your account information at any time.

(Note: We are in the process of creating logins for all current members who signed up before October 29th and will email you your account information soon. Please email membership@bouldernordic.org if you have any trouble completing  your membership/renewal process.)