Meet the Groomer – Alan Bol

Alan is dedicated to the cross-country skiing community. Not only does he groom, he’s also the BNC’s liaison to the Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team and serves on their board.

Name: Alan Bol

What do you consider your home town? Wayne, IL – 30 miles west of Chicago. It’s a great place to be from.

What do you do for work? Create online training for weather forecasters (it’s niche).

Favorite Color: Blue

Coffee or Tea? Recovering coffee addict, attempting to enjoy tea just as much (it’s not working).

Where did you learn to groom? Behind Chuck’s house (CU South).

The best part of grooming: It’s probably the only time you’ll ever ride a snowmobile and get smiles and thanks from skiers.

If your grooming session had a soundtrack, what would it be?  Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run