Meet the Groomer – Matt Muir

For the second installment of our “Meet the Groomer” series, we go to the source–The groomer of groomers. Matt runs grooming operations and has an infinite knowledge about grooming implements and the various conditions of the snow as grooming and weather happens to it. If you really want to geek out about how to best set up a nordic trail after a powder day, talk to Matt.

Name: Matt Muir

What do you consider your home town? Boulder, Colorado

What do you do for work? Parent, historic home restoration, occasional freelance author

Favorite Color: Purple

Coffee or Tea? Hot coffee and iced tea

Where did you learn to groom? In the wake of my mistakes

The best part of grooming: The privilege of giving joy and the work of making a place something like what it could be

If your grooming session had a soundtrack, what would it be?  When You Were Mine, Mitch Ryder from Hotdog The Movie Soundtrack