Need Or Excellence

The BNC’s sibling nonprofit, the Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team, is a parent run organization that operates, more or less, on a zero-sum budget. They collect most of the their funds through fees in the autumn and by the end of the season they are back down to where they started.

Toward the end of winter, the BNJRT head coach and/or board usually approaches the BNC with a request for a grant. The BNC asks that the request be framed as a case of need or a case of excellence. Sometimes a young skier will qualify for national championships only to look around and wonder where they will find the few thousand dollars it takes to attend. Other times a skier will qualify for an international event which is quite a distinction.

When the request arrives, the board of the BNC deliberates its obligation to its mission and to its members in order to determine how much funding can be spared to support young skiers in our community. On some years, the BNJRT may not request much support. On those years, the BNC typically considers a modest donation in order to support the BNJRT as an institution and its paid, professional coaches who guide young people through the discipline of skiing.

When members, partners, sponsors, and donors support the BNC, they support this function in our community. If one wishes to support it on a national level, visit

Thank you for supporting the BNC.