New BNC Website, Bear with Us for A Bit, Please

The BNC is updating its website,, as well as some related systems. These changes are taking place now, at the beginning of the off-season in order to minimize disruption.

One important change is the switch away from Constant Contact as our e-newsletter platform and to Mail Chimp. An e-newsletter from Mail Chimp should come out in the next couple weeks. In theory, all the contact addresses from the Constant Contact list will be migrated over to Mail Chimp.

If you cease to receive e-newsletters and want to stay on the list, you can sign-up at the bottom of the homepage.

The BNC is making these changes in order to better serve its members and communicate more clearly. For the first time, the BNC paid a professional developer to do the site. Having a professional do the site resulted in a better website and, importantly, it spared yet another volunteer from the cycle of overcommitment and burnout around BNC tasks.

Thanks for everybody’s patience with this change and thank you to members and partners and sponsors for making it possible to invest in these upgrades and their benefits.