Nordic season is almost here… it’s time to get your rear in gear!

6 weeks ’til snow!!! Okay, maybe a little longer than that, but you know can happen in 6 weeks? Strengthening. And don’t you want to get stronger and prepped for ski season and the BNC Community Ski outings? Of course you do, you’re a nordic skier. And did you know that one of our board members, Nicole Haas, is a local physical therapist who is recognized as a national expert in sports medicine and injury prevention? Follow her advice and (literally) get your rear (and core) in gear for those skinny skis!  Don’t forget she gives BNC members 20% off if you want a personalized program or have aches and pains you want to get rid of before the ski season is here. Here are her top 3 exercise recommendations to prep you for the nordic season.

1. Side steps with band around ankles, Unlock hips and knees, keep toes pointed forward. Take hip-width side steps while keeping trunk and hips level, and avoid collapsing knees inward.


2. Skates with band around ankles. Keep same stance as side steps,  but take diagonal steps backward while keeping toes pointed forward. Make sure feet meet between each step as you skate backwards in zig zag pattern.


3. Mountain climbers. Start in plank position, with hands and feet grounded to engage core and to avoid sagging in your low back. SLOWLY tap knee toward elbow, return to plank. Slowly tap knee toward opposite elbow, return to plank. Repeat with opposite leg.


NOTE: None of these exercise should cause any pain. Goal is quality of movement, not number of repetitions. Perform each exercise to fatigue, which includes loss of form. You can email Nicole directly with questions at Huge thanks to BNC board members Nathan and Chris for their demonstration of exercises!