The BNC is at least 25 years-old and, now and then, it gets a nice note from folks who contributed to skiing in the community a long time ago.  Here’s one from Pete Birkeland who helped hold together skiing at North Boulder Park before things like Strava and the world wide web.  Thanks Pete!


With the first snow in Boulder and many skiers in the park, I looked up some race records. In the 1990s Leslie Bohm, long time president of the BNC, wanted races after snowfalls in the park.  I put on the races with the aid of a Coleman lamp, and sometimes some helpers. They were usually at 7 PM, but once on Christmas day. A CU student had measured the outside lap at close to 1 km. The races were usually 5 laps, and the number of racers was about 20. The world record averaged times for one lap are:


Kids — 6:16 5:16

Women — 4:24  2:50

Men — 3:35 2:19

So these are the times people can try to match. On a final note, Alan Hills got the “Cal Ripkin Award” for the most starts.

Pete Birkeland  (old timer going around on the classic track in sub-record time!)