Summer But Still A Pulse at The BNC

Yes, we said there would be a season in-review survey and there will be.  In a really positive development, Eldora wants to include some items in the survey so, now, everyone gets a chance to work on and review drafts of the survey before it’s issued.  Once all the parties have had a chance to contribute to the survey and be happy with it, then it will be issued.

The BNC submitted an application for a special use permit to groom West Magnolia this coming winter.  The board of the BNC is stipulating that it be a ‘pilot demonstration’ groom that takes place on a limited or very limited basis.  This has been the plan all along.  Help the Nederland Area Trails Organization build support for their own grooming operations and avoid over commitment of BNC resources.

A cautionary note.  If for whatever reason grooming at West Mag does not happen this coming winter, stay calm.  All the parties involved are doing their best in a complex process.

Also, the emails got fixed and work normally now.

In late August or September, the BNC will rise from its nap on the hammock and begin to at least appear as if it’s busy.