Support The BNJRT Without Spending Any (Extra) Money

King Soopers gives 5% back to BNJRT.  You can help BNJRT to collect more of this money simply by using a Re-Loadable Gift Card.  If you are willing to load the card at the store and use it, BNJRT would love to give you one of their cards!!

Please email Michelle Considine at with your address and she will send you a card.  For more details, read below:

These cards come loaded with $2.50.  You take them into any King Soopers or City Market and use your credit card to load them (getting your miles or cash back!)  If you put, say, $400 dollars onto your card, you will be able to spend $400 dollars. The cards can be re-loaded over and over again.  King Soopers will send the 5% to BNJRT directly. We ask that you commit to loading at least $100 onto your card so that BNJRT recovers their cost. Thank you in advance; this money can really add up for BNJRT.  (The more you ski, the more you eat!)  You can send any questions to Michelle at the above address.  Thanks again, from BNJRT.