Thanks Chris!

Chris Sachs has departed the BNC’s board of directors. He did a great job. Like so many others from the Midwest or who have spent time in the Midwest, he came to Boulder and immediately noticed a void in the nordic community versus the vibrant and strong cross-country communities of places like Minnesota.

Instead of lamenting it, Chris founded the BNC’s Community Ski Days in an act to address the need. He made time in a busy schedule of graduate school and work commitments to keep the Ski Days going. He’s volunteered to keep the Community Ski Days going the rest of this winter.

With a new and growing family along with more success with his own business, Chris has stepped down from the board. He does so on good terms and having accomplished the one, key thing. He leaves the BNC as good or better than he found it.

Thanks Chris! We’ll see you on the trails!