Thanks to And A Special Discount from ZEAL Optics

The BNC is excited to announce ZEAL Optics’ support of Boulder Nordic with an exclusive discount to current members for purchases made at the Boulder ZEAL Optics store.

“ZEAL Optics is a unique line of eyewear born out of the need to create and explore. To define ourselves among the masses of sameness. Defending the desire to be different and embracing the need to constantly evolve.”

ZEAL Optics, a renewing business partner with Boulder Nordic, has extended a special 50% discount (excluding Tech googles) to current BNC members. To receive the discount, bring your current BNC membership card to the ZEAL Optics at 1230 Spruce St.

This generous discount is for current members only and is a great incentive for you to renew your BNC membership now.

Please stop by the Spruce store, get a discount and say thanks to ZEAL for supporting Boulder Nordic!