Thanks, To Among Others, Boulder County!

There were lots of partners in the project to groom West Magnolia and one of them was Boulder County.  Thanks to Boulder County Special Events, Transportation, Sign Shop, and Mike The Plow Truck Driver.

All of these Boulder County Departments and related persons got all dressed up and ready to go but, in the end, winter cancelled the party.  The road corridor shared by the Boulder Ranger District and Boulder County had its plowing and winter maintenance operations altered–at least temporarily–in order to accommodate potential grooming.

The cooperation of the parties mentioned here and other parties made this possible.  If it had snowed enough, the road past the spiffy new sign in the photo would have been groomed and that would have been pretty fun for skiing and other stuff.

Maybe next winter it will be possible to try again but first the BNC has to understand how all its partners feel about going forward.