Thanks to The Boulder Ranger District And NATO!

The eventual allowance for grooming at West Magnolia came out of a long process.  When the possibility finally did materialize, the Nederland Area Trails Organization made a nice proposal to the BNC that if the BNC could at least do some initial grooming with its equipment, then NATO would be able to pursue its own equipment and grooming operations someday.  NATO persisted in a supportive role throughout the process and, when possible, took care of associated tasks.

Similarly, the Rangers of the Boulder Ranger District worked through all the details of what is still a new activity for the area.  From administration to operations, the BRD got the agreement done.

Then it did not snow enough.  (The BNC’s groomer was looking for about 10″ of accumulation, depending on snow-water content.)

The BNC is communicating with NATO and the BRD about what to do next.  It’s a matter that also needs the consideration of the BNC’s board which, soon, will adjourn for the summer.

In any case, thanks to all the partners who made this project’s potential real despite the weak winter.  And, thank you to BNC members and supporters who provide for extensive grooming equipment and capacities, either in Boulder or at pilot sites.