In-Town Conditions Reporting

It may seem redundant but with so many people wanting know what conditions are at sites groomed by the BNC, there’s a tendency to err on the side of excess.  Here’s a summary.

  • has a “Groomers’ Report.”  This usually reports the initiation of grooming operations or a significant change.
  • shows real time GPS info for CU South.
  • does the same for North Boulder Park.
  • gives a photo every fifteen minutes of North Boulder Park.
  • gets feeds from “The Groomers’ Report” and news items from
  • also relays posts from “The Groomers’ Report” and news from

The mobile phone numbers of the groomers are top secret and known only to the NSA.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year, and enjoy the skiing while it lasts.