Track Packing at West Mag

On Friday January 18th, a BNC volunteer track-packed approved corridors at West Mag.  The resulting snow product is not ski-able, it may be fit for fat biking.  See the green highlighted route at

Track packing is a preliminary operation that, among other things, takes air out of snow in preparation for subsequent grooming by driving the snowmachine alone over the surface with no attachments or implements.  The state of the corridors varied from portions of bare earth substrata to 6″+ of compacted snow.

The operation was intended to allow for a reconnaissance of the area as well to pack what snow is on the corridors.  Despite the continuing drought conditions, the BNC is doing its best to eventually perform a demonstration groom at the area.

Thanks to the Boulder Ranger District, Boulder County, NATO, and emergency responders for their continued cooperation on this project.  Please note, the federal government remains in a shut-down state.  More then ever, if you visit or use the area, please leave it as good or better than you found it for both the neighbors and the Rangers who are overworked to begin with.