Visa Checkout and Facebook

Some small news items here.

1. The credit card checkout at for membership and other transactions is still wacky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. This has been the source of significant consternation even to the BNC’s professional website contractors who do a great job. Please bear with us for the time being.
2. The BNC seems to be an organization with a fair amount of members who are not on Facebook. No surprise here really, nordic skiers are a prickly bunch at times and even about half the board of directors of the BNC is dubious of things like Facebook. None the less, is where grooming updates, the BNC’s Twitter feed, and other small news items get posted. It turns out, there are a few people who do use Facebook.
3. The weather has been warm to say the least but the BNC maintains its grooming operations at North Boulder Park until early April and at CU South until sometime in March, per the land manager’s instructions. Let’s hope for some more snow and skiing in town.