West Magnolia Update – A Solution

Thanks to the Boulder Ranger District, Boulder County, and continued support from NATO; an operational solution for grooming West Magnolia has been reached.  The initial plan revealed an anomaly but Boulder County and the Boulder Ranger District collaborated on a solution for this winter’s intended pilot demonstration groom.

Haul Rd. will be plowed to the intersection with Forest Road 355.1A near where there is a summer trail head (“TH” on the map).  The groomed connection between 355.1A and Haul Rd. (132.W) will be improvised and narrow for a short distance.  The northeastern spur of Forest Road 355.1C may or may not be groomed according to groomers’ discretion.  See https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd516176.pdf.

Some important notes.

  • Please park responsibly.  Boulder County plow trucks are obligated to operate on Haul Rd. and there are some residences there too.  Be considerate.
  • Please treat private property as you would have others treat your property.
  • In general, https://lnt.org/learn/seven-principles-overview
  • The pilot groom allows for multiple uses such as skiing and fat biking.  Let’s all get along and leave the details and specifics to be refined later.
  • The use and presence of BNC grooming equipment is authorized by the Boulder Ranger District’s issuance of a special use permit for “trail grooming” to the Boulder Nordic Club.

For over thirty years the Boulder Nordic Club has relied upon cooperating with public and private land managers in order to pursue its mission of providing cross-country skiing.  Memberships, donations, and in-kind support make this possible.  Join us at https://bouldernordic.org/membership-account/membership-levels/.

Now all we need is some snow.